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A Tech Platform
For Settlement Administration

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Simpluris has developed a comprehensive technology platform, exclusively for the settlement administration segment of the legal industry. This technology platform was built from the ground to be best-in-class, and is situated very differently than anything on the market today. As mentioned in the video, many of the players in the space have taken a very short-term view of their technical platform and tools. They’ve chosen to manage case information within transient and lightweight Excel files or Access databases. We know this because we’ve worked with them, talked with them, seen various connotations of their technology in the market, and it has exposed itself as a weakness, broadly speaking. That's because they're not able to synchronize, centralize, or report across all of those various disperate data sources. We’ve taken the exact opposite approach. We’ve deliberately focused on building out a single, central database, with a well-architected and comprehensive set of software, structures, routines, and automation tools that allow our team and our processes to be acutely and specifically custom to this problem domain. While not an easy task, it has its rewards in being able to deliver the highest possible levels of quality value to our customers.
Zach Hoffman, CTO
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A Technology Platform
For Settlement Administration
At the whiteboard, designing system architectures for settlement administration
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software developers working out issues on complex class action settlement administration problems
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data analyst working on data scrubbing project for legal settlement administration
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continuous integration within a software platform for settlement administration
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database tools and cababilities are powerful for settlement administration and the legal tech industry
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A data-driven organization - a conversation with Simpluris CEO
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expertise within encryption and security protocols for settlement administration and legal tech
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