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A Full & Comprehensive Settlement Administration Software Platform
From the beginning, we made the decision to invest in our technology platform, with an emphasis on automation. Our goal, back in 2007, was to build a full and comprehensive settlement administration platform, that provided a secure singular interface to a case, while fulfilling some of the unique aspects of class actions. This singular interface has evolved and grown over the last decade, to further reflect our deep and rich capabilities that now touch every aspect of our cases. There are well-known and specific characterizations of a best in class platform. These aspects are true for software within many different industries, not just settlement administration or legal specifically.
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Automation at multiple levels
We are proud to present our technology platform as having all six of these characteristics and more.
Zach Hoffman, CTO
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A Technology Platform
For Settlement Administration
At the whiteboard, designing system architectures for settlement administration
  • Tech Platform
  • Architecture
  • Strategy
  • Software
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software developers working out issues on complex class action settlement administration problems
  • Software Development
  • Technology Architecture
  • LegalTech
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data analyst working on data scrubbing project for legal settlement administration
  • Data
  • Data Scrubbing
  • CASS
  • NCOA
  • Skip Trace
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settlement administration technology platform legal tech
  • Software Framework
  • Software Platform
  • History
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continuous integration within a software platform for settlement administration
  • Software Development
  • Automation
  • Architecture
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database tools and cababilities are powerful for settlement administration and the legal tech industry
  • Data
  • Data Mining
  • Large Datasets
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A data-driven organization - a conversation with Simpluris CEO
  • Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Culture
  • Statistics
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expertise within encryption and security protocols for settlement administration and legal tech
  • Security
  • Networks
  • Authentication
  • Protocols
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